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 Thank you! 

To everyone who chipped in, shared our vision with our neighbors, and supported our campaign: thank you. Our win was made possible by your dedication and hustle. Thanks to you, the youngest elected official in Los Angeles County will, come December, be serving over 35,000 constituents in Area 3 on the COC Board of Trustees.

This historic campaign was powered by a diverse coalition of students, educators, and college staff who wanted meaningful representation in government. Our win means that COC’s students, for the first time, will have someone on the Board of Trustees who knows intimately the struggles they’re experiencing.

Read the press release.

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Sebastian Cazares on the issues

This campaign is distinct in its dedication to students  — but it’s not just student-driven. Sebastian Cazares’ campaign centers an all encompassing platform to tackle the challenges the College of the Canyon community  faces. It’s why so much of the COC community supports his vision.


Maintaining Academic Excellence by Supporting Students


Sebastian's story

A product of California Community Colleges, Sebastian is a homegrown leader eager and ready to get to work for his alma mater, College of the Canyons.

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