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How a COC Board Trustee should lead

California Community Colleges is the largest system of higher education in the United States, serving 2.1 million students per year. With 73 district and 115 colleges, Board of Trustees elections are critical in guiding the path forward for our instruction and making sure that our schools are positive forces that respect our tax payers and community members. 

Our institution plays a critical role in helping students reach their goals, aspirations, and dreams, regardless of their background. Trustees play a decisive role in making sure that this mission of opportunity for everyone is consistent. We are about opening doors, not closing them.


We must have a commitment to being accountable public servants that value transparency and public opinion. School board trustees should hold others accountable, ask thoughtful and meaningful questions, and take their roles with the seriousness that the position needs. We need fresh, authentic voices that are motivated to be honest, have integrity, elevate others to the conversation, and have hands-on experience. Leadership should not be top-down and ignoring the needs of others; it should be about elevating all to the table and valuing the opinion of constituents and those who contribute to our wonderful school.


Governing boards must act thoughtfully in decisions regarding policies, request evaluations and information to see the progress of our efforts, and foster a positive and welcoming campus climate that puts students at the forefront of our agenda. 


Trustees should strictly follow legal and ethical standards and make sure the college does the same, and assure that we follow our fiduciary duty of fiscal wellness and transparency on the budget-making process. AB1234 requires certain public officials undergo ethics training standards, and I would take ethics training offered by the Community College League. Responsibility, trustworthiness, integrity, objectivity, fairness, empathy, and compassion are principles my position would be built on.


We should make sure that meetings are as open to the public as possible, and follow The Brown Act. Pressing issues that require discussion should be put on the agenda. I also am confident that our Board can adopt to the times and use social media and other platforms more to have easily, accessible information.


Our community is filled with altruism and caring people. Local politics should represent the values and morals our neighbors share. As a school board member, I believe in fighting for the public good, placing the people’s interests over self, and realizing that we can only accomplish our vision of fostering student success as a team

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