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Of all the politicians I’ve ever met, Sebastian Cazares is the only one I trust to do the right thing. In the time I’ve worked with him, we’ve addressed the Financial Council of the California Community College System, passed a new Biodiversity Resolution at COC, and have made Student Government the voice of the students. I support Sebastian as Board Member for Area 3. Truly, you’ve never met anyone more driven to fight for students.



2019-20 Student Representative on COC’s Board of Trustees

“Sebastian has been a prominent leader within our community for as long as I can remember. Since high school, he has shown his exemplary communication skills, overabundance of passion, and a willingness to take action and stand up for what he believes in. This past year has been especially difficult for us all, but it is people like Sebastian that give me hope for the future. As a proud member of Santa Clarita, I am more than happy to offer my endorsement to him and his future endeavors.”



2019-2020 Student Body President of Saugus High

During my time as a student leader, the same topics of issues and struggles that students face resurfaces time and time again. In the time that I’ve known Sebastian, he’s shown tireless advocacy in our community for combatting student hunger, homelessness and social justice issues. Despite the obstacles he faced during his ASG leadership, Sebastian was only motivated to find solutions to these problems. Our community needs this campaign in order to fight for change.



Former COC Executive Vice President of the Student Government

Sebastian has cutting edge ideologies that would be beneficial to leadership at COC. He exhibited great potential to lead and has done fantastic work in service for the student community. Most importantly, he believes in rewarding our teachers, the essential ingredient to providing quality education to all students, who in turn, could change our communities, country, and the world for the better. It has been a privilege to have worked with this brilliant and passionate humanitarian.



Former COC Executive Liaison Officer of the Student Government

Whatever Sebastian does he leads by example. I have noticed that the style a leader chooses to lead by spills over to the people he leads. And as the past president of the ASG, the people he lead took action. They were not all talk and no action, they took action before they talked. That's something that Sebastian models perfectly.



Former COC Cultural Student Involvement Coordinator of the Student Government

Head Delegate of the Model United Nations

As a prominent College of the Canyons student leader I can say with both heart and confidence that Sebastian Cazares is a leader that College of the Canyons needs. Throughout his Presidency with the College of the Canyons Associated Student Government, Sebastian has modeled leadership with both grace and humility while faithfully advocating for the student body.I know that our community can rely on Sebastian and I am proud to endorse him.



COC Psychology & Psi Beta Honor Society President/NSLS Team Coordinator

When Sebastian served as the President of the Associated Student Government this past academic year, I had the honor to work with him in my capacity as the Academic Senate President. Sebastian was a strong advocate for all students. I was impressed with his leadership and commitment to equity and inclusion. I know he will bring new perspectives on behalf of the community and the most importantly on behalf of students to the Board of Trustees. 


Chemistry Professor, College of the Canyons

In my association with Sebastian, I have come to believe him to be an honest and fair person.  He has proved his ability to serve as a Trustee in his work as a student leader at COC.  I believe he will fulfill his responsibilities as a Trustee with diligence and thoughtfulness.  Students come first with Sebastian, but he is aware of all constituencies on campus and knows there is more than one side to any issue.


Sociology Professor, College of the Canyons

Sebastian is a leader in the truest sense of the word. He understands that leadership is not about taking credit, it's about giving credit. As president of the Associated Student Government, he made a point of listening to a wide range of views in order to better serve the student community. In doing so, he earned the respect of the campus community.


College of the Canyons Professor, Department of Political Science

The voices that have served our BOT have been good. And it is exciting to also allow new leadership to serve.  Balancing the previous voices with a fresh new voice, such as Sebastian’s is a wonderful thing.  Sebastian, it is your turn and I’m excited to support you.


College of the Canyons Professor

As a student at College of the Canyons and a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success here on campus, I fully trust and support Sebastian Cazares for the COC Board of Trustees. I am endorsing him because he has shown me that he is willing to lead with integrity, humility, and nobility. He has strived for equality, justice, and he sees the beauty in diversity so I know he will be an incredible voice for all the students on campus.


Current COC Student

He’s been fighting passionately to help working folks since before he was able to vote. His life is devoted to serve the public and to fight for their interests, instead of helping only a few at the top of the financial food chain.


Recent COC Alumnus, Student, Political Activist

Sebastian has done nothing but fight for what’s right for as long as I’ve known him.


Recent COC Alumnus

I believe that Sebastian will bring a fresh voice to the COC Board of Trustees.  I value that Sebastian, as a recent COC alumni, will be able to understand the needs of current COC students.  Especially during these trying times, I know that Sebastian has the best interests of the college and the students at heart.


Recent COC/AOC Alum

Sebastian is an amazing student and peer. When we were both accepted into the University of California- Los Angeles, he quickly reached out in hopes of aiding me in a initiative for my community. He will help fight for what he believes in with ethical values and will utilize the experience of others. Forever grateful for meeting such a driven, hardworking individual!


UCLA Student/Student Activist

Sebastian truly listens people in his community. He emphasizes the need to listen to our youth and create platforms where they can use their voice to lift others and to break harmful cycles. He has shown his willingness to advocate for the students in his community time and time again. I am happy and proud to endorse Sebastian Cazares.


Women's March Youth Empowerment Cohort

Nobody is better suited for this position than Sebastian. He has proven his passion and drive for this community numerous times.


Santa Clarita School Alumnus/Student

There’s one thing that sums up Sebastian as a person and a candidate; he cares. He is driven, dedicated, and devoted to the people in this community. Sebastian will work to make sure all voices in the community, regardless of if he agrees with them, are heard and respected. He cares about this community and the people that are apart of it. If there’s one person that should be on the COC Board of Trustees, it’s Sebastian Cazares.


Recent COC Alumnus

Sebastian Cazares is the leader that we need to steer COC in the right direction for our students and our community. He is a gifted leader, a passionate advocate and a compassionate organizer who has the pulse of Generation Z. He is the clear voice that we need on COC’s board of trustees.


COC Alumna/Former Saugus High Teacher

Sebastian Cazares is one of the most devoted, hardworking, young advocates I know. He is all about working on making a positive change for the greater good. I have personally known him for years and am more than happy to support and endorse his campaign. He is what we need for a brighter future!


Former COC Peer/Promise Leader

Sebastian Cazares is an outstanding member of the COC & Santa Clarita community with a passion for helping others, which he has demonstrated through years of activism & community work. I look forward to seeing him fill a seat on the Board of Trustees & change he will create in doing so.


Founder of Non-Profit Organization, LOV Movement

Sebastian believes in the heart and soul of our community, and will bring a much need perspective to our district’s Board of Trustees. As a former COC student, ASG member, and friend of Sebastian, I have been blessed to work side by side with our candidate and KNOW he will help make COC even better than it already is. We can go places and Sebastian can get us there.


2018-19 College of the Canyons Associated Student Government President

I support Sebastian because he is an advocate for the students and an advocate for transparency. Community College is a place for growth and for students to learn the skills needed to give back to the community. I know that Sebastian cares about the students, faculty, and adjunct faculty, and he will continue to strengthen our community’s largest asset. He is humbled by his youth and is willing to listen and grow.


2018-19 College of the Canyons Student Trustee on the Board of Trustees

Sebastian has always been a warrior for change, and stayed true to his values. A attentive political advocate and a vigilant future leader.


Santa Clarita School Alumnus/COC Student

Sebastian Cazares deeply understands the needs of our students and will always be a voice for them, especially in the challenging years ahead.


Statewide College Student Advocate

My Mother and I first met Sebastian at a DAA meeting back when Christy Smith first started running. Sebastian immediately captured my attention with how eloquently and passionate he spoke about local politics. I knew that day Sebastian was destined for political greatness! My family and I will proudly support and endorse Sebastian!


Santa Clarita Resident

Throughout my time as an advocate, I have become increasingly aware of a single truth: we have spent more than enough time making decisions about people without having those people in the room. Young people, and even more so young people of color, are viewed as children, better seen and not heard. Sebastian Cazares is one of the most powerful voices working not only to represent people like me, but who is a person like me. He reminds me to leave the folding chair at home, and demand a seat at the table.


Former Statewide Community College Student Lead

As a former Trustee myself, I know what it takes to make those tough decisions and still be a successful leader. That’s why I am endorsing Sebastian Cazares, for Trustee of College Of The Canyons - Area 3. Not only is he a natural born leader, but he has an indescribable passion for real change. Vote community first, by voting Sebastian Cazares.


Black, Writer, Author, Actor, and Community College Student Leader

I don’t think there is anyone better suit to be the voice of students whilst advocating for change than Sebastian. To consider anyone other than him would be a joke.


Saugus High School Alum/Student

I have always been impressed with Sebastian's enthusiasm, tenacity, intelligence and dedication to everything he does for College of the Canyons. He will make an astounding member of the board of trustees of College of the Canyons.


Professor, College of the Canyons

Having known Sebastian for the past 4 years, I can say with absolute certainty that there is no one more dedicated to creating impactful change for this community than he is. Sebastian is a natural born leader whose passion inspires everyone around him. I endorse Sebastian wholeheartedly for this position.


COC Alum/UC Berkeley Student

He’s the right one for the position. An honest man of true character that could serve our community well.


Santa Clarita Resident/Student

Sebastian Cazares gives me hope for the future.


COC and Valencia High Alumnus/Student

There are not many people in this world that have what Sebastian has. He is the voice of change and is trusted among so many. There is no one better suit for this position.



Sebastian is one of the most hardworking and politically active individuals that I know. I know that he will fight for people’s rights through out his life.


Santa Clarita School Alum/FormerCOC Student

I've worked with and known Sebastian since 2018, and his leadership skills continue to blow me away. He is immensely passionate about the Santa Clarita community and COC specifically. He listens and knows the concerns of the people he is representing and fights to make positive changes at every level.


Youth Activist Leader, Accomplished Valencia High Alumna

I was lucky enough meet Sebastian through several activities during the 2019-2020 school year. He is committed to the success of students and  College of the Canyons. He identifies a need and works tirelessly to achieve a solution. I endorse Sebastian for the COC Board of Trustees.”


Faculty Member, College of the Canyons

Wisdom, which means wise words being spoken. He's got it.


College of the Canyons and Associated Student Government, Class of 1997

Sebastian is one of a few young students who is prepared to make a difference in our society. His passion and determination to help would make him a perfect choice as COC Board Trustee. I’m honored to call him my friend and brother, and I look forward to voting for him.


Saugus Resident and COC Theater Student

We should work to put good people in positions of authority to make decisions that will benefit us all. Instead of protesting bad leadership, we should have leadership we can trust and work with. Instead of the lesser of two evils, we should aim for the greater good. Instead of the past, I ask you to support Sebastian Cazares for College of the Canyons Board of Trustees.



I stand by you Sebastian! Proud of all your hard work, can’t wait to see what you do next.


Santa Clarita Resident and School Alumnus

The Latino Network of Santa Clarita Facebook Group  proudly supports and endorses our future leader and rising star Sebastian Cazares!  La Comunidad Latino de Santa Clarita apoya y endorsa a Sebastian Cazares!  Our Facebook Group can be found at Latino Network of Santa Clarita. Gracias!


The Latino Network of Santa Clarita, Founder

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